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LuccaComet's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 22 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 450 Points

Charlie Sheen - Winning

Tiger Blood Unlocked 3/16/11
5 Points
Activate Tiger Mode
Two and a Half Miles Unlocked 3/16/11
5 Points
Travel over 2.5 miles
Bend Over 5 Points Die 5 Times
People Person 5 Points Run 250 people over
Terminal Velocity 5 Points Reach a speed of over 100 miles per hour
CARnage 10 Points Destroy 100 cars
Hot Shot 10 Points Reach a speed of 60 miles per hour without tiger blood
Major Bender 10 Points Travel 100 miles
My Goddesses 10 Points Pick up 30 strippers
Winners use Drugs 10 Points Use every type of drug in the game
Street Wall 25 Points Crash into 10 concrete barriers
Rockstar From Mars 50 Points Travel 200 miles

Medals Earned: 2/12 (10/150 points)

Friday: The Game

Burn Baby Burn! Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
Disco inferno
Cereal Killer Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
What a nutty way to die!
DERP! Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
Fail at typing
Have a Nice Trip! Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
See you next FALL!
Oh Poop Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
Wrong game, jackass!
Oh Poop II Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
You found some poo!
Oh Poop III Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
Well, at least now you fit into
Road Kill Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
Fall out of the car.
Suicide Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
Just like in every other text based game EVER!
ZAP! Unlocked 6/25/11
5 Points
What a SHOCKING experience!
Going Viral Unlocked 6/25/11
10 Points
Based on a true story.
Partyin, Partyin, NO! Unlocked 6/25/11
25 Points
Just say NO !
Poop Princess Unlocked 6/25/11
25 Points
Get all the medals involing poop. You sick freak!
Winaholic Unlocked 6/25/11
25 Points
Find all 3 good endings.
Everybody's Rushin Unlocked 6/25/11
50 Points
Beat the game in 2 minutes or less. (Normal ending only)
Loseaholic Unlocked 6/25/11
50 Points
Lose in every way possible.
Partyin, Partyin, YEAH! Unlocked 6/25/11
50 Points
Get to the party!
FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! Unlocked 6/25/11
100 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 18/18 (385/385 points)

The Best Game Ever Made

Good Decision Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Decide to play the game.
Dead Unlocked 4/1/11
50 Points
Figure out the only way to die in the game.
Disco Inferno 10 Points Visit the disco zone three times because you love to dance.
Impatient 10 Points Try to bribe Big Frank too early.
Table Groper 10 Points Try to grab all the tables.
Carpet Thief 25 Points Collect a piece of fine carpet when your boss isn't looking.
Chatterbox 25 Points Talk to every potential inventory item before collecting it.
Oblivious 25 Points Give your presentation while Gilda is topless.
Workaholic 50 Points Finish the game in under 2 minutes.
I Like Betty Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Antisocial Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Guilty Conscience Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/12 (55/295 points)